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Segu Bungalow was originally located on Sungei Segu, a tributary of the Sarawak River near present day Kampong Giam (near Kampong Benuk). Built in the late 19th century by Rajah Charles Vyner Brooke, it was used as his holiday home and also served as an informal up-river administrative centre. Around 1949, Tom Harrisson, the then Curator of the Sarawak Museum, moved the structure to its present location on Lorong Park in Kuching, and lived there until 1966. During this time, he enlisted some Kenyah artists to paint the original murals that adorned the bungalow’s ceiling panels. Unfortunately, over the years, apart from minor repairs, the building has been left vacant and, subject to the forces of nature and to vandalism, fallen into disrepair.

Since 2010, the Sarawak Museum has entrusted the Friends of the Sarawak Museum (FoSM) with the upkeep of Segu Bungalow. Presently, it houses the FoSM office and a small resource library. Urgent remedial work is needed to counter the damage done by termites and years of neglect. Funds are required to restore Segu Bungalow to its former glory in order to be able to open it to the public; also, the Annex needs to be refurbished so that it can host heritage-related talks and workshops.

 Friends of Sarawak Museum is a non-profit non-government organisation working in support of, but independently from, the Sarawak Museum. Our mission is to support Sarawak’s heritage through its museum. We are a platform for similar societies to increase awareness of and participation in local culture and heritage.

The Ten Ringgit Club

The Ten Ringgit club is a registered charity based in Miri that works on multiple levels.  It has a team of weavers creating woven bags in a range of colours, blending traditional weaving techniques with modern materials.  The sale of these bags not only provides employment for these women within their communities but also serves to keep the skills alive – an important aspect of Sarawak’s craft heritage.  However, the Ten Ringgit club does not stop there. The profits from these sales are used in the ‘Noah’s Ark Kindergarten’, a Miri-based school for marginalized and underprivileged children in Northern Sarawak.  From its inception in 2011, the school now caters for more than 60 children, providing for many their first steps in education especially in the subjects of mathematics and English.  Staffed by volunteers, the Ark is further kept afloat by monthly donations; the recommended standard donation is ten ringgit and hence the name! The Ten Ringgit Club preserves the traditions of the past, provides work for the present and is educating our future generation.

KUCHING heritage race

Heart Treasures

Segu Bungalow Restoration Project

With the aim of using 3R : Reuse, Redecorate and Reduce with a cause to create social and environmental sustainability as bringing forth growth to prosper our society. It also to help our spectrum gifted community with autisms, development delay (slow learner), cerebral palsy, deaf & mute, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), physical disability, orphan, depression mother and single mother by exclusively handcrafted our products and as the part of our motor skills development at the same time as occupational.